Egg Freckles
By Thomas Brand

1st Jun 2022 Paul C. Pratt is Missing

Last week Richard Moss, author of The Secret History of Mac Gaming, tweeted:

Mini vMac author Paul C. Pratt has been MIA for the past year, and after numerous failed attempts to check that he's okay the folks at E-Maculation are worried something might have happened to him. If you know him, or you have a lead, please chime in

Paul C. Pratt's dedication to early 68k Macintosh emulation and software preservation is well known. In my opinion the Mini vMac collection of early Macintosh emulators, targeting the Macintosh 128K, 512K, 512Ke, SE, Classic, and SE FDHD are some of the best emulators ever produced. And while Macintosh II emulation remains a work in progress, one of the most remarkable aspects of Paul C. Pratt's efforts has been his venerable build system and its multitude of configurable options.

I hope for the sake of himself, his friends and family, Paul C. Pratt is alive and well. His site the [Gryphel Project] has not been updated since April 4th, 2021, and if you are reading this Paul we are all very worried about you.