Stop SafeSleep

Designed to save state, SafeSleep writes the contents of RAM out to the SSD before battery power is lost. But in doing so it claims gigabytes of valuable storage space. Follow these instructions to disable SfaeSleep, and reclaim unused gigabytes from your Mac’s SSD.

Return to Setup

I repair people’s Macs for a living. Often the task requires reinstalling the operating system, and installing updates. Before I return a computer to its owner I always remove the temporary user account I created, and reset the machine back to the Setup Assistant. These are the commands I use to complete the task.

New Beginnings

Stop me if you have heard this one before, but I am moving Egg Freckles to a new Content Management System. In have performed similar migrations numerous times in the past, only to come back to PHP, PieCrust, and baking my website one static page at a time. This time I am changing my CMS not because of a fancy for something new, but because Piecrust, my CMS of choice, is moving from PHP to a new version of Python my hosting provider doesn’t support.

While I take some time to decide what to do next,I thought I would revisit an old friend and see how the latest version of RapidWeaver is coming along. Version 6 has plenty of new features, but the two I like best are Markdown support, and new redesigned user interface. What can I say, I am a sucker for great Mac applications, with good design.

I am sure a formal review of RapidWeaver 6 will follow, but in the meantime please let me know the spelling errors I have made, and which links I have broken.

Thanks for reading.