Egg Freckles
By Thomas Brand

2nd Nov 2017 Ephemeral Blog

I am not a good writer. Words rarely flow for me. Compared to other people it takes me a lot longer to write a meaningful sentence. I spend far too much time editing when I should be writing. Combined with a touch of perfectionism, and you can understand why I am wary when it comes to publishing. I only want to show my best work.

One of the ways I have learned to get past these fears is by accepting the ephemeral; nothing lasts forever. Just because our computers and content manangement systems are capable of archiving everything doesn’t mean we have to save it all.

Egg Freckles is a ephemeral blog. I choose what I keep. I’ll only show you my best work, and leave the rest for the Internet Archvive. Breaking links is a terrible way to blog; it’s bad for the Internet. But I am okay with that; this is my place.