Egg Freckles
By Thomas Brand

18th Dec 2019 Pizza Box Mac Pro

Does anyone remember a story from the early 2000’s where a guy was trying to make a business of selling Apple Power Mac G4 repair parts in a custom molded pizza box case?

Long story short Apple Legal stepped in and persuaded the chap that he couldn’t use Apple repair parts for this purpose. I remember reading about this story while I was in college, but I can’t find an article anywhere.

Personally I would love to purchase a Mac Pro logic board and outfit it with a CPU, RAM, and and off the shelf AMD graphics card. But even if I got an Apple Certified Repair Center to see me one hooking it up to a conventional ATX power supply would be the greatest challenge.

As for a case and cooling, i am pretty sure I would just wing it, using commodity third party PC parts. Nothing elegant like an Apple Mac Pro case, but I think Apple’s professional desktop logic board would look really great on an open air test bench under tempered glass.

Obviously there are all kinds of hardware incompatibilities and economic obstacles I am not even considering at this point. But as soon as I hit up one of my ACMT friends and figure out the stock price for a 2019 Mac Pro motherboard I will let you know.