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Thu Jun/15 CMS Upgrade

It's that time again, time for a new CMS. My current CMS, Stacey, have not been updated in a number of years. The 2.3.0 branch Egg Freckles is currently running on is depreciated. It does not support PHP version 7. The 3.0 branch supports PHP 7 but requires an updated theme and a new format for content. I could put in the effort to fix the errors and make Stacey 2.3.0 PHP 7 compatible, or I could upgrade to Stacey version 3.0. Of course fixing the errors means diving into someone else's PHP code, and upgrading means migrating my theme and content to a dead platform. Neither of these options seem very appealing.

Fortunately for me there are several choices, but first I should list my requirements.

  • Self Hosted
  • Open Source
  • Works with VIM
  • Support for RSS
  • No Database
  • Markdown Editing
  • Popular Support

WordPress, Jekyll, Kirby, and Ghost seem like the most appealing options.

WordPress is the best supported. I already have my Newton theme running on a WordPress site. Porting my content to WordPress would be easy. My only qualms are that it requires a DB, its a bit a bloat, and does not allow for me to publish my Markdown straight from within VIM.

Jekyll is a static CMS. It does not require a DB. Jekyll has good support from the blogging community, but it is written in Ruby a language I do not understand. Migrating my theme and content would take work, but at least Jekyll supports Markdown and publishing from my favorite text editor.

Kirby was inspired by Stacey. It uses a similar approach to file system content management I have come to love from Stacey. No need to bake static HTML, Kirby publishes my Markdown and updates my taxonomy with every change of the file system. I would need to migrate my theme, and change my content. Unfortunately Kirby is not free, and is only supported by a single person.

Ghost is the new kid on the block. It supports Markdown from within a browser all saved to a simple DB running on Node.js. I like Ghost for its clean look, and refreshing outlook on blogging. Ghost is free and available under a MIT License, but lacks the level of support shared by Jekyll and WordPress.

So what am I missing? WordPress seems like the obvious choice, but I beg to be different. Do you have any suggestions for Egg Freckles next CMS?