Egg Freckles
By Thomas Brand

Thu 1/2 New Years Blogging

I have three New Years Resolutions for 2020, and three habits from 2019 I am not planning to change. This note is the first of three resolutions.

Blogging More Often

I started Egg Freckles back in 2007 as a way to share my experiences with Apple technology. But as Apple gained market share and brought more features from iOS back to the Mac, I lost interest in Apple’s desktop operating system and began experimenting with Windows and Fedora Linux. Egg Freckles lost its way.

Over the last few years I made matters worse by deleting old posts, and breaking URLs by switching my CMS half a dozen times. But now that it is 2020 I am back on WordPress, and back on track to post more often from my mobile phone and MarsEdit.

I can’t correct all of my mistakes from the last decade, but I promise to write more often about everything that interests me without deleting the old stuff. Wish me luck blogging more often in the new year.