Thu 3/3 Subscriptions

I don’t watch broadcast TV, and I don’t subscribe to any major news publications. What I know about the world I learn through reading blogs, and listening to podcasts. I appreciate the timely delivery of RSS subscriptions, but value the ability to consume them according to my schedule. Blogs and podcasts allow me to pick out what I want to read and watch and have that content automatically delivered to my computer screen, mobile phone, and iPad. RSS subscriptions offer me something very few major news publication can, a look into the authors, designers, and developers I admire most on the internet. It is because I am able to read these people’s thoughts that I feel inclined to share my own.

I started reading RSS feeds back in 2002 with the debut of NetNewsWire. Brent Simmons did something very smart with that first version of NetNewsWire, he shared his favorite RSS subscriptions with the world and built a library of noteworthy RSS feeds to follow. Knowing what someone else reads says a lot about a person, and by reading the default feeds in NetNewsWire 1.0 I learned to admire Brent Simmons. I wish every author I read would publish a list of feeds he or she follows, but since I am only one man here is my list and what it says about me.

43 Folders
456 Berea Street
512 Pixels
52 Tiger
A List Apart
Apple II History
Apple Outsider
Big Bucket
Bridging the Nerd Gap
Call Me Fishmeal.
Cameron Moll
Christian Ross
Colin Devroe
Daring Fireball
David Smith
Egg Freckles
Fraser Speirs
Geek & Mild
Gus’s weblog, adventures in Flying Meat.
Hog Bay Software
I Bought a Mac
i love typography, the typography and fonts blog
Instapaper Blog
Jason Santa Maria | Articles
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
John Battelle’s Searchblog
John Nack on Adobe
Jorge Quinteros
Manton Reece
Max Design
Michael Tsai
Mike Davidson
Minimal Mac
My Apple Newton
Neven Mrgan’s tumbl
Newton Poetry
Noah Stokes | Es Bueno
Ordered List by Steve Smith – Home
Other World Computing Blog
Panic Blog
Pat Dryburgh
Pixelmator | Weblog
Rands In Repose
Red Sweater Blog
Revert to Saved // plus Elsewhere
Shawn Blanc
Signal vs. Noise
Steven Frank
System Folder
The Brooks Review
The Joy of Tech
The Omni Group
The Setup
The Shape of Everything
TightWind – Kyle Baxter
Tweetage Wasteland
Twitter Blog

I started listening to podcasts with the debut of Leo Leporte’s This WEEK in TECH during the Macworld of 2005. The first podcasts I listened to were mostly from his TWiT network, but as I became tired with some of the hosts my tastes changed to other shows, and other networks. The beauty of a good podcast is that you can listen to it while doing other things, running, coding, photoshoping, etc. Therefore you will not find a single video podcast on my list.

The list of blogs I read and podcasts I listen to is dynamic. My minimalist nature prevents me from listing a feed which has not been updated in over a month. If I have forgotten you it may be because I am always checking your site through Twitter and have forgotten to subscribe. No hard feelings and check back often for updates.